What is eProcurement?"

Electronic Procurement, sometimes also known as supplier exchange, is the business-to-business or business-to-government purchase and sale of supplies, labor and services through the Internet.

eProcurement solutions make it possible to automate buying and selling. Companies participating expect to be able to control spend more effectively, increase the amount of spend being managed, reduce purchasing agent overhead and improve requisition-to-order cost and cycle time.

Why eProcurement?

You will realize the benefits of the investment in their eProcurement system or ERP:

Improved productivity for system users

Access customer-specific pricing

Reduced costs by streamlining procurement processes

Increased Sales contract compliance

24/7 Online access to Metso products

Reduce errors associated with manual orders

Save time finding and selecting products

Improve control over spend

"What is eProcurement @ Metso?"

Metso offers the following eProcurement solutions and services to medium and large customers:

· Metso Purchasing Agreement 

Ø  standalone and free "eProcurement Light" solution, Metso and customer agrees on list of products, Fix annual pricing, and maintain it in inventory

Ø  This is a light solution, usually suitable when the list of products is <= 100 Skus

Ø  Metso will format E-Catalogue content to suit the customer Database system (Product Id, Manufacture, MSDS, Price, Picture... etc)

Ø  Metso and customer will sign a supplying agreement for the listed items in contract with fixed prices, services, Terms and conditions

Ø  Customer will then issue Purchase orders based on the existing data content


  Ø  Reduce Vendors database:

  Ø  Reliability
   Customer will have one repayable source with one term and conditions for supplying that list of products
  Ø  Productivity
   Zero Quotation Process, One Invoice, One shipment, One Payment, One point of contact

  Ø  Availability

   Metso will insure securing an ongoing inventory for the agreed list of products.


· Hosted Content – Metso’s product catalog provided as a file to the customer for loading into their ERP, or to the third party who is providing the procurement solution.

· B2B Integration Services - integrated Purchase Orders, Order Acknowledgements, and Invoices using EDI or XML technologies.

· Punchout - Metso's electronic catalog connected directly to the customer's eProcurement system (Ariba, sciQuest, Hubwoo, etc) or ERP system (SAP, Peoplesoft, etc).

Next Steps?

1) Customer to review the above options and communicate in which option are they interested

2) Discuss their option with Metso and see if both systems are compatible to lunch it

3) Please send all your concerns, Questions and decision to eProcurement@Metsorj.com

4) Metso team will conduct site visits with concerns contacts at the customer and move on with needful steps.


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