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E4M051 E4M052 E4M053
Cordless Battery 18 VDC Use With 1VUB8 Charger and Charge Base 18 VDC For 1VUB8 Cordless Battery 12 VDC Use With 1VUC1
E4M054 E4M055 G4K369
Charger and Charge Base 12 VDC For 1VUC1 Replacement Motor Brushes For 1VUC2 PK 2 Clean Sand Painters Back-Up Pad 6 In
G4K370 G4K372 G4K373
Soft Interface Pad 6 x 1/2 x 3/4 In Body Mans Bristle Disc 2 In PK 4 Body Mans Bristle Disc 3 In PK 3
G4K374 M4F984 M4F985
Body Mans Bristle Disc 1 In PK 6 Buffing Ball 2 In Dia. 8 In L Shaft Buffing Ball 5 In Dia.
M4F986 Arbor Adaptor  1/2 In
Buffing Ball 7 In Dia. Arbor Adaptor  1/2 In
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