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E1V959 E1V960 E1V961
Towel Terry 15x25 Multi-Color PK 12 Bar Mop Towel 30 Oz. White PK 12 Bar Mop Towel Ribbed 28 Oz. White PK 12
E1V962 E1V963 E1V964
Flour Sack Towel 22x37 White PK 12 Flour Sack Towel 32x37 White PK 12 Glass Towel Lintless PK 12
E1V965 E1V966 E2A863
Herringbone Towel 14x25 PK12 Herringbone Towel 20x28 PK12 Fork Pick 3-1/2 In. Bamboo PK100
E2A864 E2A865 E2A866
Knot Pick 7 In. Bamboo PK100 Knot Pick 3-1/2 In. Bamboo PK100 Knot Pick 4-1/2 In. Bamboo PK100
E2A867 E2A868 E2A869
Paddle Pick 7 In. Bamboo PK 100 Paddle Pick 3-1/2 In. Bamboo PK 100 Paddle Pick 4-1/2 In. Bamboo PK 100
E2A870 E2A872 E2A873
Card Holder Angled Round 3-3/4x1-1/2 Card Holder Rectangle 4x1-1/4x2-1/2 Card Holder Triangle Acrylic 4x2 PK8
E2A874 E2A875 E2A876
Card Holder Rectangle Acrylic 4x6 Card Holder Rectangle Acrylic 5x7 Card Holder Slanted Acrylic 4x6
E2A877 E2A878 E2A879
Card Holder Slanted Acrylic 5x7 Clip Holder Twine SS 3 In PK12 Clip Holder Circle SS 3-1/2 In PK12
E2A880 E2A881 E2A884
Clip Holder Triangle Acrylic 4-1/4 PK12 Clip Holder Square Acrylic 4-1/2 In PK12 Pouring Set Long Neck Assorted PK12
E2A885 E2A886 E2F840
Pouring Set Low Profile Assorted PK12 Storage Set Assorted PK12 Platter 9-5/8x7-1/2 European White PK 24
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