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E1B078 E1N544 E1N545
Thread Identification Kit Torpedo Level Mag Alum 8 In L 4 Vials Mini-Mag Torpedo Level Alum 4 In 3 Vials
E1N546 E2B011 E2B012
Torpedo Laser Level 8 In 200 ft 4 Vials Magnifier  10x  Triplet Magnifier  20x  Triplet
E2B013 E2B014 E2B015
Magnifier Stand 8x with linear scale Magnifier Stand 3x Magnifier Stand 8x
E2B016 E2B017 E2B018
Packette Magnifier  3x Illuminated Pocket Magnifier 2x LED Magnifier  Power Rating 2x 3 In Dia.
E2B019 E2B020 E2B021
Illuminated Stand Magnifier 2x Aspheric Illuminated Stand Magnifier 3x Aspheric Linen Tester  5x
E2B022 E2B023 E2M551
Linen Tester  7.5x Linen Tester  6x  Metal case Drywall T Square Alum 48 In 1/8 In Grad.
E2Q339 E2Q581 E2R539
Digital Caliper 0-6 In 1.25 In Deep Jaw Feeler Gauge Set 25 Blades 3 5/16 In Precision Measuring Kit Digital Friction
E2R540 E2R541 E2R542
Protractor Rectangular 6 In Non-Grad Protractor Semi-Circular 6 In Non-Grad Protractor Rectangular 6 In 1/64 Grad
E2R543 E2S348 E2S518
Precision Adj Parallels 3/8 to 2 1/4 In Mini Laser Level 300 Ft Range 5 1/2 In L Electronic Indicator 0.0005 In 0-0.500In
E2S519 E2S541 E2S542
Electronic Indicator Black 0.0001 In SPC Cable w/Data Switch 40 In IP65 SPC Cable w/Data Switch 80 In IP65
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