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E2B011 E2B012 E2B013
Magnifier  10x  Triplet Magnifier  20x  Triplet Magnifier Stand 8x with linear scale
E2B014 E2B015 E2B016
Magnifier Stand 3x Magnifier Stand 8x Packette Magnifier  3x
E2B017 E2B018 E2B019
Illuminated Pocket Magnifier 2x LED Magnifier  Power Rating 2x 3 In Dia. Illuminated Stand Magnifier 2x Aspheric
E2B020 E2B021 E2B022
Illuminated Stand Magnifier 3x Aspheric Linen Tester  5x Linen Tester  7.5x
E2B023 E4M036 G2J842
Linen Tester  6x  Metal case Telescoping Magnifier Round Power 4X Double Lens Magnifier 3.5x 14D
G2K005 G3R739 G3R740
Hastings Triplet Magnifier 14x 56D Hand Held LED Magnifier 10x Hand Held LED Magnifier 12.5x
G3R742 G3R745 G3R746
Hand Held LED Magnifier 3.5x Hand Held LED Magnifier 7x Magnifying Head 10x
G3R747 G3R748 G3R749
Magnifying Head 7x Magnifying Head 6x Magnifying Head 5x
G3R750 G3R751 G3R752
Magnifying Head 4x Magnifying Head 12.5x Magnifying Head 3x
G3R753 G3R754 G3R755
Incandescent Magnifier Handle LED DC Magnifier Handle Halogen Magnifier Handle
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