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G1C859 G1C860 G1U165
Wall Mount Bracket Use W/ Htr 3.3 to15kW Wall Mount Bracket Use W/ Htr 20 to 30kW Cabinet Unit Htr Acc Al Grille 32 3/16 W
G1U166 G1U167 G1U168
Cabinet Unit Htr Acc Al Grille 42 3/16 W Htr Acc Disposable Filter 12 1/2WX14Hx1D Htr Acc Reusable Filter 12 1/2HX14WX1D
G1U169 G1U170 G1U171
Htr Acc Disposable Filter17HX13 1/2X1D Htr Acc Reusable Filter For 7.5 to 15kW Adjustable louver Kit For 3 to 5kW Units
G1U172 G1U173 G1U174
Adj Louver Kit For 7.5 to 15kW Units Al Wall Register Kit For 3 to 5 kW Units Al Wall Register kit For 7.5 to 15kW Htr
G3E242 G3E243 G3E445
Ceiling Mnt Bracket Vert Throw 7.5-20kW Ceiling Mount Bracket Vert Throw 30-50kW Radial Diffuser For 7.5/10/15 kW Heaters
G3E480 G3E512 G3E513
Wall Mount Bracket  Horiz Throw 15-20 kW Unit Mounted Summer Fan Switch 240-480 V Ceiling Mount Bracket Vert Throw 3-5 kW
G3E517 G3E519 G3E520
Unit Mounted Thermostat Heat Recovery Wall Mount Bracket Horiz Throw 50 kW Disconnect Switch 120-600 V 25 Amps
G3E521 G3E522 G4P864
Disconnect Switch 120-600 V 63 Amps Unit Mnt Thermostat 24 to 277 V 2 Stage Disposable Filter  For Use With 2KMN4
G4P866 G4P868 G4P870
Reusable Filter  For Use With 2KMN5 Disposable Filter  For Use With 2KMN6 Reusable Filter  For Use With 2KMN7
M2W164 M2W165 M2W166
Radiant Quartz Heater 220V 2000W Motor 3-Ph 1 1140 208-230/460 Eff 80.0 Motor 3-Ph 2 3450 208-230/460 Eff 84.0
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