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E2X800 E4C609 E4C610
Motor 18 W 24 V Modutrol Motor Torque 75 In-Lbs Modutrol Motor Torque 150 In-Lbs
G1H388 G1P848 G1P849
Motor 27 W 120 V Two-Position Actuator CCW Power 0.18A Two-Position Actuator CW Power 0.18A
G1P850 G1P851 G1P852
Two-Position Actuator CCW Power 16VA Two-Position Actuator CW Power 16VA Two-Position Actuator Spring Return
G1P853 G1P854 G1P855
Two-Position Actuator Two Auxiliary Two-Position Actuator CW Power 0.25A Two-Position Actuator CCW Power 0.25A
G1P856 G1P857 G1P858
Two-Position Actuator 175 Two Auxiliary Direct Coupled Damper Actuator 1.8 VA Two-Position Actuator 175 In-Lbs
G1P859 G1P860 G1P861
Non-Spring Return Actuator 2.4 VA Direct Coupled Damper Actuator 2-10 VDC Non-Spring Return Actuator 2-10 VDC
G1P862 G1P863 G1P864
Direct Coupled Actuator 24 VAC/DC Actuator 45VA Mounting Bracket Actuator 45VA 2 Internal Switches
G1P865 G1P866 G1P868
Actuator 60VA Mounting Bracket Actuator 60VA 2 Internal Switches Actuator 14VA Mounting Bracket
G1P869 G1P896 G1P897
Direct Coupled Actuator StrainRelief Cap Actuator 16VA Mounting Bracket Actuator 45VA Mounting Bracket
G1X792 G1X793 G2Q949
Direct Coupled Damper Actuator 24VAC Direct Coupled Damper Actuator 120VAC Actuator Torque 44 90 Deg Timing 90 Sec
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