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G3L229 G3P408 G3P409
Tool Post Quick Change BXA 13-15 In Cap Tool Post Quick Change AXA Up To 12 In ToolPost Quick Change CXA 14-17 In Swing
G3P410 G3W743 G3W744
Tool Post Quick Change CA 16-20 In Swing Tool Post QUADRA QITP25N Up To 12 In Tool Post QUADRA QITP30N 13-15 In Swing
G3W745 G3W746 G3W768
Tool Post QUADRA QITP35N 14-17 In Swing Tool Post QUADRA QITP40N 16-20 In Swing Tool Post Thru-Coolant V35TC 14-17 In
G3W769 G3W770 G3W771
Tool Post Thru-Coolant V40TC 16-20 In Tool Post Thru-Coolant V50TC 17-32 In Tool Post Thru-Coolant V60TC 25 In+
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