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E4N090 E4N363 G2V842
Paper Clips Large Silver Steel PK10 Push Pins 1/2in Clear PK10 Bulldog Clips 1 In W Silver PK36
G2V843 G2W222 G2W223
Bulldog Clip 1 1/4 In W Silver PK36 Bulldog Clip 2 5/8in Silver PK12 Bulldog Clip 3in W Silver PK12
G2W224 G2W362 G2W363
Magnetic Clip 1-3/4 In Metal Silver Pk 2 Magnetic Bulldog Clip 1In Slvr PK2 Pushpin 3/8 Point Asrt PK100
G2W364 G2W368 G2W369
Pushpin 3/8 Pt Transprt Asrt PK100 Binder Clip 1/2 In Metal Black Pk 60 Binder Clip 3/4 In Metal Black Pk 40
G2W370 G2W371 Paper Clips Small Silver Steel PK10
Binder Clip 1-1/4 In Metal Black Pk 24 Binder Clip 2 In Metal Black Pk 12 Paper Clips Small Silver Steel PK10
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