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E4S765 E4S766 E4S767
Spray Head Nozzle Quarter Circle Pattern Spray Head Nozzle Center Strip Pattern Spray Head Nozzle Side Strip Pattern
E4T132 E4T133 E4T134
Impact Sprinkler 1/2 In NPT Full Circle Rotor Sprinkler 3/4 In NPT Full Circle Nozzle Set Plastic 25 To 55 PSI
E4T135 E4T136 E4T137
Nozzle Set Plastic 25 To 65 PSI Anti Siphon Valve 3/4 In Thermoplastic Anti Siphon Valve 1 In Thermoplastic
E4T138 E4T139 E4T140
Solenoid Replacement Kit Plastic Diaphragm Replacement Kit Plastic Pop Up Spray Head 1/2 In NPT  PVC
E4T142 E4T143 E4T144
Spray Head Nozzle Full Circle Pattern Spray Head Nozzle Half Circle Pattern Flower Bubbler 1/2 In NPT PVC
E4T145 E4T146 G1I592
Spray Head Pull Up Tool Steel Cut-Off Riser 1/2 In NPT Plastic 6 In Spray Head 6 In Pop-Up 1/2 In FPT
G1I593 G1I594 G4S784
Spray Head 12 In Pop-Up 1/2 In FPT Rain Sensor UV Resistant Polymer 5.4 In Pop Up Spray Head
G4S785 G4S786 M1Z721
Pop Up Spray Head Pop-Up Impact Rotor Sprinkler 1/2 In NPT Rotor Sprinkler 1/2 In
M1Z804 M2A036 M2A037
Rotor Sprinkler 3/4 In Rotary Sprinkler Nozzle PVC Full Circle Rotary Sprinkler Nozzle PVC Half Circle
M2A038 M2A708 M2A709
Rotary Sprinkler Nozzle Quarter Circle Sprinkler Head Flow Rate 2.5 To 4.1 GPM Sprinkler Head Flow Rate 1.2 To 2.0 GPM
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