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E1A200 E1A340 E1A341
PEX  Plug Barb 1-1/2In PEX  Clamp Ring Crimp 1-1/2In PEX  Clamp Ring Crimp 2In
E1A342 E1A343 E1A344
PEX  Adapter Sweat x Barb 2In PEX  Adapter Sweat x Barb  1-1/4In PEX  Elbow Drop Ear 3/4In
E1A345 E1A346 E1A347
PEX  Adapter Barb Male 1/2In x 1/2In PEX  Adapter Barb Female NonSwivel 1/2In PEX  Adapter Barb Male 3/4In x 3/4In
E1A437 E1A438 E1A439
PEX  Clamp Ring Ratchet 3/8In PEX  Clamp Ring Ratchet 1/2In PEX  Clamp Ring Ratchet 3/4In
E1A440 E1A441 E1A442
PEX  Clamp Ring Ratchet 1In PEX  Clamp Ring Crimp 1-1/4In PEX  Adapter Sweat x Barb 1-1/2In
E1A443 E1A444 E1A445
PEX  Coupling Barb 1-1/4In x 1In PEX  Coupling Barb 1-1/4In x 1-1/4In PEX  Coupling Barb 1-1/2In x 1-1/4In
E1A446 E1A447 E1A448
PEX  Coupling Barb 1-1/2In x 1-1/2In PEX  Coupling Barb 2In  x 1-1/2In PEX  Coupling Barb 2In  x  2In
E1A449 E1A450 E1A451
PEX  Elbow Barb 1-1/4In x 1-1/4In PEX  Elbow Barb 1-1/2In x 1-1/2In PEX  Elbow Barb 2In  x  2In
E1A452 E1A453 E1A454
PEX  Adapter Barb Male 1-1/4In x 1-1/4In PEX  Adapter Barb Male 1-1/2In x 1-1/2In PEX  Adapter Barb Male 2In  x  2In
E1A455 E1A459 E1A460
PEX  Plug Barb 1-1/4In PEX  Plug Barb 2In PEX  Tee Barb 1-1/4In x  1-1/4In x 2In
1 2 3 ... 534
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